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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Horowitz, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Horowitz macrumors newbie

    Aug 15, 2007
    Hi, I am a college student intending to buy a new MBP from the online Apple store. I have some questions I want to clear up before buying. This will be my first Mac ever.

    1. How long does it usually take for the MBP to arrive? I really need to get it within August 27-31, because I will be leaving after that. Do you think I can still make it?
    2. Suppose I choose the default configuration, but with a glossy display. Can this delay my order? What if I choose a Spanish keyboard?
    3. If I choose the Spanish keyboard, will everything else (i.e. the OS) be in Spanish? If so, can I easily change it to English?
    4. Do you recommend the glossy display?
    5. Do you know in what way exactly do the Spanish vs. English keyboards differ? If I order the English one, can I still change the system preferences so it acts as a Spanish one and I can easily put accents?
    6. If I use the iPod rebate offer to get a free iPod, will the iPod ship togheter with the Mac and will they arrrive on the same date?
    7. Suppose I buy physically. I know the Education discount applies in a physical Apple store, but can I also use it if I buy from an authorized reseller (say, BestBuy or CompUSA)? What about Amazon?

    And finally:

    Right now I am in Mexico, and I want to pick up my laptop in Texas. I can travel easily. The problem is I do not have a permanent address in Texas. Can I just pick up the laptop physically with the carrier? To do that, should I just call the carrier once the laptop is shipped? And what address should I put if I do this?

    Thanks a lot in advance.
  2. CalBoy macrumors 604


    May 21, 2007
    I'm answering as best as I can, and only what I could. Hope it helps.
    Lately, the mbp has had a longer shipping time due to a LED display problem. I think you're really cutting it close if you need it by the 31st. I think going to a physical place might be your best bet.

    I don't see how the glossy option will cause a display. Usually Apple has plenty of both ready to go. I think they also have a fair supply of Spanish keyboards, so it should be too much of a problem.

    NO. The matte is much better. You'll really understand after spending a few minutes with both in bright light. The glare kills me, and I don't think the glossy looks any better.

    They ship together, but most people say the iPod arrives first. However, since you said that you're not a US resident, you need to check your eligibility.

    I haven't heard of resellers doing this. Amazon won't do it for sure because they offer rebates on their Macs. I know my university offers the deal, but that's because it's a school, not a store.

    Again, this seems like a lot of trouble. I think a trip to an Apple store would be a lot easier. Remember that some carriers won't ship to a PO box as well, so that could present an obstacle to you.

    I hope I helped:eek:
  3. galstaph macrumors 6502a


    Jul 24, 2002
    The Great White North Eh
    If ordering online, jnust choose the express shipping. Sure it costs a bit but it is faster
    I belive this is a bto option, meaning the laptop would have to come from china rather than the US. Alternatively, if you MUST have a spanish board, you could always get one later through apple
    OSX is generally multi language, they just install your preference by default (ie english, spanish, french etc.) you can change this by reinstalling osx
    It is personal preference, look at both. Glossy ISN'T as bad as some would lead you to believe (depends on model though)
    The spanish keyboard would most likely have accents. You should be able to change it in system preferences, you just wouldn't have the writing on the keys to reflect wheere the accents are
    Only if they are both available at the same time. They will ship separately otherwise
    Some resellers do honour the academic pricing, but usually not big-box stores, they are usually local guys, you'd have to do some phoning. Apple stores are your best bet to ensure this.

    Most carriers will not do this due to liability. They need a physical address (not a PO Box). If you don't have access to someone in Texas you can get it shipped to then a physical store is probably the best solution.
  4. apinchofhope macrumors newbie

    Aug 15, 2007
    I just thought I'd answer the q's I have some clue about :eek:

    I think it's pretty definite that you will get it by then. Either use the express shipping method or call Apple to find out for sure.
    unless you are deadset on getting the glossy display, I would advise you not to. actually, even if you are, I would say don't do it. It reflects EVERYTHING, and you have really low visibility if there is any glare at all. I somehow always end up with my back to a window, so this wasn't even a consideration for me, but the matte screen is just as nice and you don't have to worry about glare or smudgy fingerprints.

    see above

    I do believe they will. Again, call Apple for definite answers.

    I bought my MBP physically because my old PC died and I needed a computer before I went away on a trip, which was like, less than a week after. They let me use my education discount in the store, but I needed to have my student ID with me. I seriously doubt that an Apple authorised reseller will give you the education discount, and stores like BestBuy and CompUSA aren't even authorised resellers. In fact, I think the only Apple products they sell are iPods, and let's face it, what store DOESN'T sell iPods these days? :(

    I think it's inadvisable to try this. I don't think Apple ships to P.O. boxes, and that would be your only alternative to not having a permanent address in Texas, but a P.O. box the size you would need to fit the shipment would be very expensive and doesn't seem worth it to me. Is there any reason you can't just receive the package at home? If not, and you want to see if picking it up with the carrier is possible (which I highly doubt), I would call them BEFORE placing your order and find out where it is you might meet them. Again, I really doubt they'll let you do that, because shipping companies don't generally have specified meeting places for these things, not to mention you could spend the whole day sitting somewhere waiting for the truck to show up, as they're not usually on time.

    Well, I hope that helps. I think your best solution would be to call Apple's helpline though. That's what I did before I bought my Macbook Pro, because I had lots of questions about switching, and they were really helpful. <3 :apple:
  5. mr_matalino macrumors 6502a


    Oct 14, 2005
    Its a personal preference. There are a million and a half threads about this is if you search the forums. It just comes down to what you like. I personally like it.
  6. darklyt macrumors regular

    Jun 5, 2007
    Just Ordered Mine

    1. I just ordered mine stock on August 14th (2.4 ghz model, 15") and the possible delivery dates are August 27th - September 4th. This is with standard shipping.

    4. If you don't mind glare, go for it. Keep in mind where your computer will be located in terms of sunlight if you choose to go this route.

    6. My iPod will be arriving today and there is no word on when the MBP will be shipped. So I can say for sure that it is not always the case that they will ship together.

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