Questions before buying new ipod.

Discussion in 'iPod' started by amycishere, Sep 14, 2008.

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    Hey everyone,

    I hope everyone is having a nice day. Thank you for any help answering these questions, it is greatly appreciated!

    I had problem after problem with my 2nd generation ipod mini. Had the warranty, sent it into Apple and they detected no problem. Kept right on skipping and pausing all the time. Was so frustrated that I just gave the thing to my sister like after 8 months. I realize I just a bad "apple" but I was still very frustrated. How long do the new ipods generally last?

    I am also worried about resale value. Let's say next year or the year after a great ipod comes along that I can't live without do older generations still sell for a good amount or am I stuck?

    I would need some type of radio/speaker system with my ipod. Do I need to wait for new stuff to come out or is the dock connecters still the same? Does this make sense?

    Games. I love the new nano but would just about die if Mariokart came out and it only was available for touch. I love Yoshi. lol. I am disabled and the Wii is too difficult for me to use. Like Spore do you think they are going to have more games for the click wheel models as well?

    Has anyone tried watching a movie on the new nano?

    Thank you! Amy
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    As far as I know (except for your story) is the iPod very reliable. My sister and mother have an ipod nano. And the still work, even though they're dirty and not taken care of very well. But the nano seems to me very reliable, there's thick glass in front of your screen, an though casing, and the connection will be there for a while, I think. If not, there are a lot of products still working with that connection.

    If you have a home cinema set, or a cd player (or something with much power) and you want to hear music on that, you probably can just buy a mini jack to double rca jacks. But if you don't have a soundsystem, you should buy something from a known brand. At least you'll know it's good sound quality. I advise not to buy anything from trust. It's cheap and that says enough.
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    I have a Shuffle, 1g Nano, 5.5G Video and a 1G touch and have no problems with any of them, ever!

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