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Discussion in 'iMac' started by gtsgts, May 4, 2011.

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    May 3, 2011

    I've decided to make the switch, and order the new imac 27". I do have a few questions though. I remember when I upgraded my windows to another version of windows. From that point on I had experienced a lot of crashes. When the new Mac OS X Lion comes out, and I upgrade to lion will the same thing happen? Is it gonna have any negative effect on the computer itself? Also when I do upgrade to lion will I lose all my files, and programs that I may have purchased? Will Mac OS X Lion be expensive? While I'm resigned to the fact that I’m going with mac, I’m just trying to figure out If I should wait until they come with lion.

    Also, just one more thing. I have my files that I want to move over from pc to mac stored on an external hard drive that’s ntfs. Is that gonna be a problem? I don’t want to plug it into the mac, and find out I have to reformat it, and lose everything that’s on it. I have a lot of HD videos, so they tend to be on the large size. Will I be able to move the files from the external drive to the mac internal hard drive, and have the mac be able to read/write? I apology if these questions are dumb, or been asked a million times.
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    Macs can read NTSF drives fine it just can't write to NTSF although there are software available to allow you to write to NTSF drives.

    When lion is readily available you will be able to upgrade to Lion just fine while leaving your files and programs in tact. Some suggest doing a clean install but its a matter of preference.

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