Questions before moving Iphotos library to EHD

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by crabapplemcn, Nov 30, 2015.

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    Nov 22, 2010
    Running out of space, so need to move iphotos library off MBP to EHD.

    1. I dont especially want to have to hook EHD up everytime I want to open iphotos, sync a phone, etc. What are my options? Can I move library to hard drive, then continue populating iphotos on the computer then move photos over to hard drive every so often?

    2. Should I move library before or after I upgrade from Snow Leopard to El Capitan? Does it matter? If I move the iphotos Library to hard drive will I be able to access it via new photos app in El Capitan?
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    Feb 20, 2009
    There's a "Digital Photography" section here on MacRumors in which users could probably give you better advice than I can.

    But here's how I do it.

    If you originally set up iPhoto to have a managed library (all the originals are stored within the "iPhoto" file or folder), this could present problems.

    It will be quite problematical to "separate" some of the photos, because the originals are "buried" within iPhoto's unique (and difficult-to-navigate in the finder) filing folders.

    What I do to manage my own photo collection is COMPLETELY different -- and probably at odds with what the vast majority of iPhoto and Photos users do.

    ALL of my originals are stored "out of" iPhoto or Photos (or Aperture as well, for that matter).
    That is to say, on a separate partition on my drive (named "Media") I've created my own hierarchy of folders, each one of them representing a photo shoot or a particular subject. The folders are given recognizable names and a date.

    ALL of my photo editing apps are set so that they keep "referenced" libraries.
    With a referenced library, the photo app doesn't actually "import" the original into its own database. Instead, it keeps only thumbnails in the database, along with digital data so that when you display a pic, it's immediately processed to the specs you have set in the Photo app.
    But the originals are NEVER moved nor altered by the photo app.

    When I do some editing, I will create a new (empty) folder in my photo app (lately I've been using Photos), then import as required.
    But again, since the apps are set up to use referenced originals, the original are always "left in place".

    Told you all that to tell you this:

    If you set up your photos as I've done, you can now set up TWO SETS of "original storage" -- one on your internal drive (for recent additions), and one on the external drive (for archival storage).

    Now, you can import photos to iPhoto or Photos as needed, but you can be confident that you'll always have control of the originals "through the finder".
    You can move your photo folders from internal to external as your needs require.

    It -might be- necessary to "re-direct" the photo apps to the new folder location after a move, however.

    Yes, this takes more "user involvement" and forethought than if you simply "dump your pics" into iPhoto's (or Photo's) library.

    But that involvement translates into more "user control" over where your stuff actually goes....

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