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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by MBP101, Oct 28, 2013.

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    I have a Mid-2012, 13' Macbook Pro, 2.9 GHz i7, 8GB ram,750 GB HDD. I'm contemplating upgrading to a SSD (256GB perhaps) and putting my existing HDD in an external enclosure. I realize there are numerous posts already about this topic but it seems every one points me in a different direction. From what I understand my model MBP has a SATA 6 Gbps interface. Ive looked and there aren't many options! Would a SATA l or ll or lll not be compatible? Also I've read that not all SDDs are mac friendly? And how important is this TRIM feature? Again I apologize for the redundancy but I need some clarification.
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    I did some reading on this subject before I got my first SSD in the MBP 2010 I was using back then, and this seemed to be a good read:

    The OWC SSD isn't some magic sauce, just a SSD with 2nd gen SF controller that used to be common, and current gen SSDs all have some garbage collection so TRIM may not be totally critical. I had a Crucial M4 in that 2010 MBP for about a year and half with no TRIM and the M4 is still going well in another Windows desktop.

    On the comments section, an OWC rep is even offering to help you choose SSD's and offer advice so you might even contact their support, OWC CS is great, although I'm sure they'll want to point you to their own line of drives ultimately :D
    Nothing wrong with their drives and I even have one in one of my Windows laptops but they command a hefty premium for the good CS, so...

    That said, SATA III(6Gb/s) is compatible with the previous versions but it's probably harder to find any SATA I(1.5) or II(3) SSD'S on the market anyway so just get whatever size and brand that works for you.

    I'm not aware of any mac-unfriendly SSD drives at this point(I've read some reviews on the old Sandisk extreme that uses Sandforce controller saying it's not the best in a mac, but the current Sandisk Ultra Plus and Extreme II both use Marvell I think), and if I were you I would choose one of these:

    Samsung EVO 250GB - good balance of price and performance
    Crucial M4 256GB - from my personal good experience and stellar reviews
    Or even the Mydigital 240GB on amazon, if you want to save $20.

    I haven't tried the Mydigital SSD on a mac, but it went very well for my Windows machine(without TRIM on a Windows XP machine!), has good reviews from mac-users on amazon and it still is going in my PS3 :)

    If you want anything larger, i.e. 500GB or TB-class, the Crucial M500 is probably your best bet, and what I have in my MBP 2012 15inch as well.

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    Jun 21, 2012
    Awesome info thanks for the reply! Just to clarify, you're saying that a SATA lll SSD is definitely compatible with my MPB?
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    If you ever see SATA 6.0, it is the same as SATA III - sadly, the two are interchangeable making it quite confusing just basing on numbers alone. The III refers to the spec revision, and the 6.0 refers to the bandwidth.

    Fortunately, whichever revision you get, it should all just plug right in and work, although if you get a SATA I or II, you'd be missing out on SSD advancements (ie. new garbage collection algorithms, optimizations, etc.) and speed found in SATA III drives today.

    The Samsung EVO and Crucial M4 (and even M500) that blake2 mentioned are all great drives. My PC gaming system is also running a Crucial M4, and I have been very happy with it for the almost 2 years that it has been installed. I have a number of machines here (Windows based) that even use OCZ (Agility 3's and Solid 3's), which have had a mediocre reputation overall, without any issues so far (knock on wood). I even installed a Toshiba SSD in my Mac Mini as well, and that has been running great too.

    Really, it's hard to go wrong with any of them nowadays. ;)
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    Check my sig for SSD tweaks, help and benchmarks.
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    SATA is compatible with older controllers and vis versa. Max performance can only be achieved when both are the same speed.
    The Samsung 840 Evo and Pro are often recommended, they deliver great performance for a fair price.
    You should use Trim Enabler to get consistent performance.

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