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    Questions for the hard core Apple user base. I need to know, I own a couple of Macs, ranging from an old Pismo laptop to a brand new iMac, which I do enjoy very much. Though I am a very heavy Windows/Workstation user. This is not out for me to bash Apple, I perfer my Windows PCs much more than my Macs I have to admit. But I still like my new iMac, and I love my old G5 tower, however. The userbase is sometimes... well. Questions I want to know. I’m not saying all Apple guys are like and think this, but I’ve heard all of this more than once, and would like some mature answers.


    1: Why do so many people have an personal attachment to Apple? I’ve never seen the fans of any other brand get so personally offended when you put down an Apple Product.

    2: Why do some consider Apple to be a “ Luxury Brand “? I don’t understand this. None of their computers cost any more than a mid range PC laptop, ( higher end on the Mac Book Pro side ). I’m not saying they are bad computers. They are great. But I don’t see them as Apple being Ferrari, and Dell being Ford. I don’t buy that.

    3: Does it ever bother you that Apple, for the most part. Rapes you on hardware support? The Mac Pro was/is the most limited Workstation for sale Today. Which is the primary reason I refused to buy it.

    4: Do you consider Apple to be a company that “ tells you what you want “ rather than “ listening to customer feed back “? A lack of a Mid Tower Mac and no New Mac Pro are perfect examples of that.

    5: “ Macs last much longer than PCs “. Now, I’ve heard this one way to many times before. And I think it’s a crock of ****. Am I wrong?

    6: “ Windows is full of bugs, unsecure, unreliable. OSX is 10 million times better :. I’ve heard this before, OSX is a good OS, and I like. But Windows XP and 7 are very stable, very fast, secure and all that fun stuff. I’ve worked in this business a long time, long enough to say that newer versions of Windows are great, as is OSX. I don’t buy the whole “ BSOD Windoze lolz crash “ thing I Hear from so many Mac guys. Do you agree with the whole “ Windows sucks at everything “ ?

    7: Do you think Apple sometimes Makes Crap? Some users say they never have. Do you think so? I think they have, G4 Cube, original G4 powerbooks, liquid cooled G5 towers, and the G5 iMac, what a bunch of crap all those systems were.

    8: Do you think Apple Products are overpriced? For me its yes and know, the computers are very overpriced. The iPad and iPhone. Not so much.

    9: Do you think Apple is a company that cares more about profit, or has an actual passion to push forward? I would argue all companies care about profit and they want to push forward, because pushing forward = money.

    10: Do you think OSX going in the direction of iOS is a step in the wrong direction?

    11: Do you think Mac computers have gone downhill since the days of PowerPC?

    12: Do you think Apple is abandoning its most loyal customers, in the way that they have not updated the Mac Pro, and not offered a Mid Tower?
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    It comes down to personal preference and opinion. I'd say yes for 10 and 12, for 8 no.

    For number 6 I prefer OS X because the OS is built specifically for the hardware it runs on while on Windows it has to support many, many different hardware and in my experience I've had a buggier experience on XP, Vista and 7 than on OS X Leopard - but that's just me.

    For 5 PowerPC macs in general last longer and are (way) more usable than, say, P3s or P4s. For 3, it depends, iMacs are one of, if not, the most powerful AIOs while Mac Pros are far behind the competition.

    EDIT: Sorry, just realised how old this thread is :eek: .
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    I own a Mac Pro and an iPod from 2004. I used to have a personal attachment to Apple I suppose. But I got a Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 recently and realized that there are other products out there. So I'm not as attached as I used to be. Especially since Apple has been doing things that I don't agree with; iPad mini price, soldering RAM to the logic board, etc.

    It may have to do with the way their marketed. Polished and well designed. It terms of the car comparison, I would have to disagree to a point in that Apple does amazing designs and used good quality materials. That's what you see in cars.

    Yes, the Mac Pro's latest 'update' was a joke. And according to Tim Cook himself, it won't be updated till next year! It's obvious they aren't catering much to their pro customers as much now.

    Yes. I think this applies to more of the less tech-savvy people who really may not know what they're buying and will buy and think it's good because Apple says it is. Course that's with any company.

    Take the iPhone. People buy it and say it's the most amazing thing ever. Ask them why and they probably won't a have a decent reason to give you. But it has the :apple: on it so it must be good. Apple is 'coding' the minds of it's customers.

    Yes and no. I think it depends on individuals. In my case I had a Power Mac G5 last me about 4.5 years before it went out. I've a Windows laptop from 2001 still going. My friends Windows laptop had a hinge break and my old iBook G4 from 2004 is in great condition and still running.

    Currently I am using OS X Snow Leopard and Windows 7. Windows 7 is so much better than Windows XP; hated the interface, on reason why I went to OS X. Expose works wonders!

    I would say in the years I've owned both Mac and PCs, they have had about equal amount of crashes; BSOD and Kernal Panics. Those were on my Windows laptop from 2001 and Power Mac G5.

    It is true that there is less malware for Macs. I don't buy into the whole market share thing either. Why? OS 9 had even less market share and had plenty of viruses. OS X has more market share, yet not even close to the amount of viruses Windows has. With that said, I've had no viruses on my Windows 7 laptop since I've had most this year.

    Never owned any of those so can't comment. All the stuff I've owned has been good.

    Computers? Too a point, in particular with the current Mac Pro for reasons stated above.

    iPhone and iPad? Compared to current offering the iPad is overpriced now. Storage needs to be increased. And the iPad mini is overpriced. Nexus 7 currently $249 for the same storage. Yea you get a rear camera (I think) on the iPad mini, but it's not worth $80. I believe Google will be increasing the storage to 32GB next week for the same price of $249 which makes the iPad mini prices even worse.

    iPhone 5 16GB w/o contract is $649 I believe. The Galaxy Nexus is $349. Both are similarly speced:

    iPhone dual core 1.02GHz - Nexus dual core 1.2Ghz

    Both have similar PPI, although the Nexus is larger. For me it's a good thing.

    RAM is the same on both.

    With that said, yes I think the iPhone 5 is overprices. Better build quality, but wow do you pay for it.

    Profit = YES
    Passion to push forward? With Steve Jobs yes I think there was. Now they seem to be getting lazy and haven't really brought anything new to the table recently.

    Haven't used Mt Lion, so can't really comment on that. As long as it doesn't go like Windows 8 and make OS X which is a desktop OS and mobile OS.


    If Apple doesn't being the goods, then yes I think people who need certain things that Apple doesn't put out, then they could go to alternatives.

    The only people, IMO, who would stay with Apple no matter what are people like this guy. To them Apple is the best no matter what they do. At the time that guy was interviewed the iPhone 5 hadn't even been released yet and he was already saying that the iPhone 5 was the best product Apple has ever made. Based off what? Brainwashing if you ask me. Sounds harsh, but I think it's true.

    hehe, just saw it myself. It's a good thread though and hopefully will get some attention.
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    Yes. I would really like to have made a worthwhile, long-lasting purchase when I buy an Apple product. In terms of software, however, I'm fine with OS support being dropped.

    I've always liked WinXP, I've never been interested in any other Windows version. But, my experience with Windows in the first place hasn't been very good. Compared to OS X and Linux, I've found it to be much harder to fix issues in Windows. Windows 7 is a resource hog if you're not on very high specs, so I don't like it at all, and having no Unix base is a pain.

    The Cube was in no way 'crap'. It was only their price point and lack of expandability... they were great, reliable machines with low energy consumption. When they actually are 'crap', like the iMac G5, they're still fun, and with ebough maintenance those have worked okay.

    Their Mac Pro prices are way too high. (Their Mini prices are nice, though. I would probably spend at most $1200 on a Mac. Otherwise, I would just wait a couple years and buy it used. I'm not really interested in newer Macs anyways...

    I think it's a horrible decision, and it's much harder to get work done.

    Yes... I don't really like their designs either.

    Though I'm not a 'pro' user, I agree that they are making a terrible decision by doing this.

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