Questions for Safari 3 Users

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Jun 21, 2007
I really want to use Safari as my browser (because of .Mac syncing) instead of Firefox, but I won't until a few items are changed. I'm afraid of Safari 3. I'm hoping somebody can answer these questions for me:

1. Have they fixed the copy/paste problem? They exist with YouTube. Probably with other sites as well, but YouTube is the only one I've ever seen them on. It's sort of hard to describe. Basically, when you copy YouTube "embed" code, it screws it up. Adds some spaces, and does some other stuff. When you post it into a forum (that allows pure HTML), it doesn't display because of the screwed up stuff.

2. I need single-window browsing! That is, when an HTML hyperlink contains target="_blank", I want it to open in a new tab, rather than a new window. I know I can control-click. Being able to do it isn't the problem. Having new windows open when I'm not expecting them is the problem.

Either of these things "fixed" (2nd one isn't really a "fix").