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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by PixieGirl, Sep 4, 2012.

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    Sep 4, 2012
    I just got the iPad 3 and I love it but noticed I am typing a lot on it so figured I would get a keyboard type case for it. I see the Logitech Ultrathin has a lot of positive reviews for it. Now my questions, I am really OCD on it scratching. Is there something I can use to cover the back of it that won't bother the magnet that holds it up? Last question...Is there an actual case that you can carry it in with it closed up? if not is there any case that would fit both the iPad and the keyboard? I thank anyone in advance for any input on this and sorry if this has been asked numerous times already. :)
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    Not sure on the dimensions, but you may be able to get some sort of Macbook sleeve to keep both the ipad and keyboard in if you go the Logitech route. I haven't tried it at all, but it might be worth checking in to.
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    Some of the sleeves for iPad, you might can use for both.

    Off the top of my head this one I think could fit your needs. Timbuk2 Scape Sleeve. It has a separate compartment for the iPad and a Laptop. The small fits a 13in MacBook and the Medium will fit the 15in MBP.
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    This company makes products that often get attention:
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    An el cheapo fabric case for iPad has served me perfectly well for housing my iPad along with the smart cover and the ultra thin keyboard case (bit of piggybacking there). It can be seen that I have used a custom iPad 1 vinyl skin on the keyboard case for protection. I thought my chosen Japanese design looks quite elegant in the role.:)

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