Questions from MacBook Pro (SR) newbie! Please help.

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by mickair, Jun 10, 2007.

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    Hi all, I have just registered and become one of the members in Macrumors. I have been browsing through this website for months before I purchased my first MacBook Pro (SR, 2.4) last week.

    Long story short, basically, I got a bit confused regarding setting up Windows Vista on the MBP after going through different discussion borads (or please kindly point me to the right direction if I have missed out on any related thread). Questions as follow:

    1, I am planning to use Boot Camp beta 1.3 to partition my hard disk for Windows Vista. It will be more than 32gb and I know I can only use NTFS formatting. Is that mean I will have a hard time in copying and pasting files between the OSX and Vista? What are the common resolutions?

    2, I learnt from some threads that I can chose 32bit or 64 bit when installing Vista. My MBP will have 4gb memory. So, should I install the 64bit version? Will the drivers from Boot Camp beta 1.3 still works on the 64bit and should I just expect the IR remote and keyboard backlight be the only problem?

    3, I am also planning to use Parallels and link it to the Vista under Boot Camp. I know 3.0 has just released and I also learnt that the beta versions often provides "more" functionality. Does anyone know whether 3.0 incorporates all the latest functionality (e.g. compatibility with NTFS and FAT32). Considering 3.0 was released a few days ago, is that mean I should go for it for "maximum" functionality or should I go for one of those beta after buying 3.0 and getting the activitation key? I wanted to use the latest version, which build version whould I use?

    4, Silly question...... Am I right to assume whatever I do to the Boot Camp Vista will also refect in the Parallels' link? E.g. I have make certain settings such as wallpaper and save file in the Vista, it should end up exactly the same when I use Parallels to open the file?

    5, Follow to question 4, if my assuption is right, is that mean I don't have to install Boot Camp drivers all over again when I set up Parallels? If not, mind letting me know why?

    6, I will be intergrating my photos and music library to the new MBP. I wanted to save them all in one partition. Should I save them under Vista's "My Music/Photos" and have OSX link to it or should that me the other way round given my "NTFS" trouble? Which way is easier? Ideally, I want to see all music/photo files pop up as soon as I open the music/photo folder under each OS and I was told I can actually move the My Music/Photos folder from Vista to the OSX location. Is that right? How can I achieve this? Any other recommendations?

    Sorry for the long-winded post, but I am really excited in getting my hands on my MBP and I wanted to do everything right on my first go. Thank you, much appreciated.

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    1. Mac OS X cannot write to NTFS but it can read it. Windows will not even recognize your mac partition.

    2. Use 32 bit. More application will run on it and Boot Camp does say "Do not use 64bit versions.

    3. Windows Vista cannot be booted of FAT32 whatsoever.

    4. Yes

    5. When setting up Paralels Vista does not need to be installed again, Parallels will boot of the existing Windows partition so everything on the partition stays there.

    6. Would be difficult, personally I'd just stick em under OS X.

    Hope that Helps.
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