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    So while I own an ipod touch (newest gen) I am planning on getting the Verizon iphone. I'm wondering if anyone can speak about the ability to set an alarm (using the built-in alarm or an app) that can be set to a volume other than the volume for the rest of the phone. For example, I'm experimenting with the "Alarm Clock" app, which has lots of features, but even if I set the alarm volume to the highest, if I listen to music and turn down the volume, the alarm is then set to this low volume.

    I go to sleep at night with a podcast or music playing, and I'd like to do that with the iphone. However, I'm worried it's going to mess with the alarm volume.

    A second question: Does anyone know of a good way to make ringtones louder? I've tried making an mp3 louder in Itunes (right click, options, etc.) and then turning it in to an m4r ringtone, but it seems that ringtone files are set to a default volume. Is there any current way to boost a custom ringtones volume?

    Finally (for now), when an incoming call is received, what are the options regarding declining the call or just muting the sound (to let it continue ringing and then go to voicemail)? Is this possible?

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    Jan 12, 2011
    1. Not sure
    2. You could open the MP3 in a program like Audacity and make it louder, not sure how well it will work.
    3. Just hit one of the volume buttons and the phone will stop playing the ringtone and vibrating.
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    Regarding the alarm...I know that if you mute the ringer (the switch on the side) the alarm will still ring. I do believe the alarm's volume is set to match the overall system volume (ie current ringtones, etc).

    Worst case scenario, I know there are heaps of clock/alarm apps which are probably better then the Apple one on lots of levels so you could always buy one of those (some might even be free).

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