Questions on RAM purchase - U.S. or Canada?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by MacTO, May 18, 2007.

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    Apr 3, 2007
    Hi all,

    I've been an avid lurker who has just placed an order for my first ever Mac Pro from :D , heavily reflected on all the thoughts and insights of yours that I considered most valuable, such as going with third-party vendors for RAM, HDDs and RAID for video editing.

    My question is now, since I live in Toronto, Canada, whether or not it is wise to go with, DMS or OWC in terms of saving money. I've looked into not so many Canadian online stores but it seems to be more expensive there. However, I must admit that I do not know anything about import duties and fees involved when I purchase goods such as RAM from the states. :confused:

    The prices on MacPro RAM with Apple Approved heatsinks at, for instance, seem higher than those at, DMS or OWC even after conversion (correct me if I am wrong), but I don't want to overlook import duties and fees. Could anybody who knows these things answer my question, please?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Trevor, the CEO of CanadaRAM, is a member here on MacRumors. I'll notify him of your post and if he is around and has the time, perhaps he'll respond and offer you some insight.

    I have nothing but good things to say about CanadaRAM. What is key to look for in a RAM vendor above all else is whether or not they offer a 100% Mac-compatibility guarantee with their RAM, and whether or not they have a lifetime warranty - both of which CanadaRAM has. As for the pricing you mentioned, again, perhaps Trevor can address that for you...
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    Importing US-Canada can be more costly than you first think.

    First there is the foreign exchange -- your charge card will charge you 2%- 2.5% worse than your bank's rate, which is 2% - 3% worse than the 'Official' rate. So if the Bank of Canada Rate is $1.11, you will likely pay $1.155 on the charge card.

    Shipping is often more expensive than advertised for US addresses - US$20 - 30 into Canada, or $45 - $65 for air, this will vary by seller and by courier

    When it hits the border, there will be brokerage charges for clearing the paperwork, this is based on the value of the shipment. It varies by courier, but expect CAN$30 - $50 for an order over $200. CanadaPost is the most reasonable at $5 - $8, however most US sellers refuse to use post because the lack of insurance and tracking.

    In most provinces, you will pay GST and provincial tax when it clears the border.

    Warranty replacement is a bit of a hassle cross-border -- you have to pay the shipping of course, potentially brokerage again, and handle the Canada Customs paperwork to make sure you are not charged tax again on the replacement modules.

    Compare prices in Canada certainly, and always contact your seller by email before ordering, because the prices on RAM change daily and you may be surprised.
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    Thanks so much. I really appreciate the insight.

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