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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by danielvanc, Sep 14, 2017.

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    Oct 26, 2011
    Hi, I'm from the UK and am looking to buy my first Apple Watch tommorow, but I have a few questions. I'm a weekly runner and swimmer and so I'm interested in it primarily for the sport and cellular functions. I currently have the FitBit Surge. What I would like to know is:

    1) Are the fitness functions more accurate than the fitbit surge? Like the heart rate monitor, average running speed etc
    2) Does the health app work better than the fitbit app when it comes to measurements, stats etc
    3) Cellular function: do i need to do anything else with this as far as my data is concerned, as in do i need to get any extra packages from my phone service provider or does it just share my current data plan?
    4) The series 3 is supposed to be waterproof, are you covered for the first year if it does actually suffer from water damage?
    5) Are there 3rd party headphones that ill be able to bluetooth to the watch to listen to the music or do they have to be apple pods?
    6) Is there a better size out of the 2 as far as display goes or is it literally what looks right for the size of your wrist?
    7) Anything else I should be aware of about purchasing my first 1?

    I might have more questions later, but I think they are the main ones for now.

    Thanks in advance :)
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    No idea. Honestly, it's probably a wash. If you're deeply invested in the Apple world, the AW would probably be the nbetter choice for reasons other than performance in the area you mention. If not, then the fitbits may be cheaper and give you the same level or better performance.
    Not to sure how it works in the UK. In the states, it shares your phone number and you need to pay for the extra line of service. I've heard that is $10 / mos, same as iPads. It also counts against your number of device limits on some carriers plans (e.g. ATT).
    If there is no evidence of other physical damage, I'd expect so. The series 2 is also water proof to 50 M.
    Any modern blue tooth item works. Some ancient off brand thing....who knows. Point is, AirPods are not required.
    Depends on your wrist size. Both look fine to me. My wife's 38 mm is too small for my wrist, but the display is perfectly fine and readable. BTW, photos almost ALWAYS seem to make the watch look bigger on your wrist than they look in actuality.
    Go to a store and try a few on to see what fits best. The biggest decision IMO is to go with the aluminium Sport model or the stainless steel model. For the feel and durability, I'd say that stainless steel can't be beat, but they do cost more.
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    in the UK the only provider that currently supports the watch is EE. You need to have a iPhone contract or SIM only plan. you have to be the person that pays the bill ( so corporate plans won't work). The number is shared between the phone and your watch. The good news is the first 6 months are free, then watch support adds £5 a month to your EE Plan.
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    WoW first 6 months free! Here in the states we are only getting 3 months.

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