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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by theturtle, Aug 15, 2009.

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    hey guys, well after 3 flawed macbook (what luck right?) i finally thought i had the perfect one. But after careful inspection, it seems as this has a flaw too. Im at the point where i dont really care, it doesnt bother me anymore, but i wanted to get macrumors opinion on this problem. as long as this "flaw" doesnt turn out to be a harmful problem later on than im fine with it.

    the flaw is, when i open my macbook up after its been closed for maybe an hour or two, when i get to about 60 degrees, i hear a little popping sound from my hinge. I checked on the bottom, nothing is breaking or popping out, but i hear the sound every time i open the macbook after its been closed for an hour or so. Not when i close it but only when i open it.

    the reason i ask is, im thinking about installing a new hd (and maybe ram) and i would like to install it on a computer that doesnt have any flaws (less hassle because i plan on swapping out the hd for the stock whenever i have to take it in) what do you guys think? a flaw that wont be harmful, or should i get it checked out. Its not that the flaw is bothering me, its just i want my installs to be on a comp that already is clear of flaws.

    and the other question is, if i install sims 2 (or 3 if i get the money) on my 160gb hd, will it run as good as me installing it on a 320 (or 500) gb scorpio blue? would it benefit if i upgraded my ram to 4gb or does it really not matter?

    laptop im using is the 13" umbp

    thanks guys. i know, long post LOL :p
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