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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by mojo pin, Sep 7, 2012.

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    Sep 4, 2012
    I know this is kind of a hard question to answer, but I'm brand-new to iPhones so I have no experience with it. For the last few years I've used Android, which means all my photos, videos, and music have been stored on an SD card, while my apps are stored on internal memory. So I've honestly never really paid much attention to the *total* amount of memory I actually use, and I'm not sure how much I need to get with the new iPhone. I've had my current phone for a year and right now I'm only using 3GB of my memory card and 339 MB internal memory. That's with a total of 1,889 photos, 15 videos, about 60 songs, and 32 apps (half of which I could easily delete). So it would seem that the 16GB should be enough, right? But I keep reading all these posts about the new iPhone camera producing higher quality photos, which in turn takes up more space. And knowing how much I take photos with my phone, I know I'll only take even more when I've got one with a really great camera on it. So I don't know how much more space I should reserve for possibly more, higher quality photos?

    I'm not really one to have a lot of video (the ones I have now are mostly only about a minute long) or any movies on my phone. Nor do I put a ton of music on it. My stuff would mostly be photos and probably around 15-20 apps. I know no one can tell me exactly how much memory I'll need but if anyone's ever had a 16GB iPhone and found it wasn't enough for them, maybe they could give me a rough estimate of how much they had on their phone? I don't want to end up with one that I'm constantly having to delete things off of, but I'd like to save that extra $100 if I don't need the next step up.

    Also - and this is probably a stupid question for various reasons - I'm wondering if we can expect the newer, longer phone to only be .5" longer? I know no one knows for sure at this point, and obviously it's going to have to be at least that much longer to accomodate the .5" longer screen, but should the rest of the proportions remain the same? I'm just not a big fan of really big phones and I'm trying to compare it to what I have now to figure out just how long this thing is going to be - especially after I put a case on it! I know I'll still get it, I'd just like to have an idea of how comfortable it will be for me to use.

    Thanks so much in advance!
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    Look at what you want and step up a size! Remember you don't get the full 16/32/64 it's more 14/28/59 ish.

    Also factor app space example... Navigon weighs in at 728MB for me personally but adding the rest of Europe adds a hefty mass to that hitting 1.5GB easy.

    I think what you'll find is with content so easily available you'll max out a 16GB iPhone very quickly

    On size... There are plenty of mock ups and part leaks to pretty much say that's what we're getting which is 1mm or so wider and 1cm taller. Not a massive size increase.
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    The other week I went to a firework display, all pics/videos were at night (if that makes a difference).

    One 4:20 video took up 689mbs and all the photos are about 2mb each.

    I know a lot of people who find 16gb enough, but if you do plan on taking a lot of photos (but ESPECIALLY videos) then you might want to go for the 32gb.

    Otherwise it sounds like you are a very light user with only 30 apps and few songs. If you have a lot of songs there is an option to downconvert all the music to lower quality so it takes far less space and stuff.

    Also, maybe check the app store in iTunes and look at how big the file sizes are for some apps you may want. As the other poster said some can be HUGE :eek:
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    Nov 16, 2011
    Some general thoughts to consider in random order:

    1. More memory means you can spend less time managing your content to make it fit your device.

    2. Plan to keep a certain amount of space free always as a buffer. I like to have 3 - 5 GB free so I'm prepared to shoot some video, etc.

    3. In addition to the memory used by the OS (which results in a 16GB phone having ~14GB of usable space), plan on another 1 GB or more being used by "Other". This is one of a handful of categories (including Music, Video, Photos, Apps, etc.) of memory usage as shown in iTunes. "Other" is memory used in conjunction with your Music, Apps, etc., but which is not categorized as such. It might include things like album art, or internet browser cache, or who knows what.

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    Memory space should be similar, but.....

    No removable SD card. Memory is "built in" and can not be changed once you buy it.

    I have 32 with a thousand pics, some movies, etc. Lots of memory.

    Taking personal videos can eat up space. And in most cases, nobody will ever see those videos again - LOL!
  6. plymman macrumors member

    May 9, 2010
    Never underestimate app sizes, FIFA 12 clocks in at just under 1.5GB and plenty of high end games are around 1GB.
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    Well let me put this in perspective for you. I bought the 16GB new iPad. I have about 20 or so downloaded apps, zero music, about 25 pictures and a couple of 1 minute quick videos on it. As of right now I have 10.5GB left. When I rent a movie I usually end up having roughly 3GB left. That's why I only rent movies and will not download them to my device. I don't feel comfortable with only 3GB left. Makes me nervous.

    I'm going to purchase the 32GB iPhone. I rather be safe than sorry. If your into pictures but don't want to sacrifice space, you can always transfer everything via Dropbox. Take the picture, upload it, then delete it from the iPhone. Instant pictures on your phone without the sacrifice of GB. I have over a thousand pictures on my iPad but I'm only using 108MB. Plus it syncs automatically. Love it.

    Plus, don't forget you'll probably have this phone for a couple of years. That's 2 years of apps, photos, movies, etc.


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