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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by RoryOz, Sep 6, 2015.

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    Sep 6, 2015
    K so I'm about to purchase an old 2010 mac pro 12 core, and have a couple of questions regarding upgradability.

    I want to purchase an sad for the os, my questions are:
    1)From what i understood i can't use the new intel 750 ssd in it cause it doesn't have nvme right?
    2)Can a samsung 850 pro 1tb sad work in this mac pro?
    If so where should i install it, in the drive bay or in a pci slot, whats the deference?
    3)Why is the pro version of the gtx 680 so expensive?!Is it really the best most compatible gpu for the 2010 mac pro?
    4)What are the best memory to place in the mac pro and what is the highest capacity?
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    1. You can't use NVMe SSDs in the Mac Pro 5,1.
    2. Any standard SSD should work fine. If you want to use it with SATA 2, you can use the standard SATA ports. If you want SATA 3, you will need to buy a PCI-e card. You can also use NGFF SSDs. Information can be found HERE.
    3. "Mac Editions" of the GTX 680 are typically more expensive than standard versions. I'm not going to get in to speculating on why. Whether it is the best and most compatible can be debated. Yes, it's supported natively by OS X so you will never have any problems with OS X updates. Best? Probably not. There are many more power video cards available now.
    4. Highest capacity is 128GB of RAM.

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