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Discussion in 'iPad' started by LDTaylor85, Jul 2, 2011.

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    So I bought my iPad from B&H in march, all has been well until now. For some reason my screen won't rotate to the right when I turn it, I've did a hard reset and I'm still have the issue, I've also noticed that it's sluggish when I rotate the iPad in anyway. I made an appointment with the genius bar for later today and I was wondering if I need to bring the box it came in?, should I print my receipt from B&H and bring that with me? Also theres a skin on my iPad, can I leave it on assuming my problem is something that can be fixed instead of them replacing the entire unit?, I also have a Verizon model, will this affect the availability for a replacement?, would the worse case scenario be that I have to wait for the refurb to be shipped in?..thanks guys
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    No need to bring box.
    No need to print recept (date is based on iTunes activation).
    Remove skin because unless it something like you have the lock switch on it will be exchanged.
    Apple will likely have a replacement.
    Worst case senario: The world ends in 2012. :D
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    Thank you!!

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