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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by airfrancisco, Oct 2, 2007.

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    With the iphone problems such as "incorrect sim" and showing the correct imei, did you guys bring it to genius bar and received service or got turned down? For those who received service, did they replace your iphone? What do they do to try to repair it? How long does it take til they replace your iPhone?

    I'm asking all this questions because one genius bar here is horrible. I brought the iphone to the bar for service, right away I got turned down after seeing the "incorrect sim" message and didn't even check the "i" button to see if it's the correct imei. I tried explaining, but refuse service. So I called the support and they said that the bar suppose to help me since I got the correct imei. Can you guys help me since I will go to another bar and hopefully get some service?
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    What IS the bricked IMEI? I know it's different for every phone, but there must be something alike in all of them. I restored mine to pre-unlock* status before doing the update (so that it would say "Activate iPhone; connect to iTunes") and it now thinks my SIM is a non-AT&T SIM. Probably because it's just the original never-activated AT&T SIM. So, what are the characteristics of the new IMEI? If mine has them, I'll take it to AT&T and say that I never did anything to it or activated it, but when I did the update it prevents me from activating now. I'll just feign innocence; "Third-party app? What's that? Like someone else put software in?" :p

    *Functionality unlock, not provider unlock. I never did that.
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    I also have the correct imei, i checked it everytime it synced with itunes, my phone is unlocked and freezes when i turn it on, the funny thing is that:

    if i have a sim on it, i get the activate phone screen and on the network status it says no sim

    if i have a sim on it, i get the activate phone screen and on the network status it says searching

    it remains frozen but itunes can see it, sync it and restore it, im thinking that maybe i can take it to the store and say i got it this way ( its a refurb ) and that i cant even activate it since it freezes, the thing is, since 1.1.1 came out, will they try to update it to 1.1.1? in that case they may brick it when the baseband gets updated.

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