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    Mar 16, 2017
    Hey everyone,

    So I might not be good at writing these kind of posts but I'll try my best to explain much as I can.

    So basically I switched to an iPhone SE after I had THREE Android phones fail on me due to stupid hardware flaws (Xperia M suffered EMMC failure and encrypted itself, Galaxy A3 AMOLED screen cracked within 2 hours of me getting it and Nexus 5X ended up bootlooping)

    After having enough of the quality of Android phones (even Google Pixel is having problems) and I couldn't find a decent alternative I decided to get an iPhone SE mainly due to the great price in the UK. And I have to say it is a beast of a phone since it has 6s specs, like the A9 chip.

    But because I had phones fail on me before I have become more paranoid than ever if my iPhone will break because I read iPhone 6 is having Touch Disease, 6s is having widespread battery failures and the 7 is having hissing CPU noise but I haven't really heard of such widespread flaw with the SE, but I do wanna ask some questions which will help me calm down, so if you could take the time to answer these questions:

    1. If you would put pressure on the LCD screen using JUST YOUR BARE FINGERS and a decent lot of pressure, does it by any chance weaken the strength of the screen and then end up having the internal LCD cracked? Or can it withstand itself from pressure? How many pounds does it take to break the INTERNAL LCD

    2. Mine has a slight yellow tint at the top of the screen, are many of iPhones affected by this? It doesn't really bother me if the phone continues to function but I fear it's a sign the phone will die soon. As well as that, I see some backlighting at the top of the screen if you face the lightning connector towards your face and look at a bright white screen like Settings with brightness all the way up, it is kinda like spotlights in a movie studio but not really noticeable. Is it normal?

    3. I don't know if my eyes playing tricks on me but if I look very closely at the right side of the screen I see an extremely faint blue line. Is it supposed to be there because I think my eyes playing tricks on me because I seem to see them with every other LCD device.

    4. Is the lightning port sensitive? Like if you accidentally put a foreign object in there will the pins suddenly break and stop charging?

    5. If there is dust inside the earpiece is it ok to put your finger inside it and clean it? Because I fear I pushed it down a bit because I felt it on my finger the mesh being pushed down. But it still works perfectly. Is a gap between the phone glass and the actual mesh normal?

    6. Is the Touch ID sensor prone to breaking easily? I'm not sure if its normal but if I place a finger that's not registered it takes like around 0.5 to 1 second before it says try again.

    7. Is it just a rumour spread that SE's that start with serial C39 have better screens? Because mine starts with a D.
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    I just wanted to chime in that I noticed a few weeks ago 2 very small grayish "shadows" on the right side of the screen near the edge of my SE. I have been VERY careful with it and it's never fallen or anything and it's only a couple months old. It's not really a big issue but I'm curious as to what caused this and if they'll grow larger as the phone ages... They look like 2 very small fingerprint indentations (hard to explain)
    I, too, would like to know others thoughts on OP's questions.
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    1. No, unless you are an idiot.
    2. Can't judge unless you share pictures.
    3. Sounds like you should see an optometrist.
    4. No. It is probably the most 'rugged' port on any phone.
    5. How can you fit your fingers into such a small hole? And no, it is not ok to clean the mesh with your finger, as you will simply push any dust further in.
    6. No. Of course it takes some time to tell you 'Try again', because you are giving it the task of recognizing a finger the system does not know, and then you are apparently amazed by the fact that it takes half a second to tell you it can't recognize a finger.
    7. I never heard of that rumour.

    If i were you, i would probably go to an apple store, and ask if your problems are normal. And if you are not satisfied, ask for a swap/return.

    I am really trying very hard not to be rude, but all in all, sounds like you should just buy a Nokia 3310. Then you can drive over it with a car, and everything will still work.
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    Not replying specifically to the points as post 3 sums everything up well. The design of the iPhone 5/5s/SE is probably Apple's most durable iPhone, it's as close to a Nokia that Apple will ever make!
  5. Vlada011, Mar 31, 2017
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    Oct 12, 2016
    Yes iPhone SE look strong but it's nice on touch. You have feeling of metal strong device because edges.
    I like him. I must say after 7 months of use without case only with tempered glass, my SE have no single scratch on surface. But I pay attention. I didn't keep in pocket with keys and other metal things, screen touch surface and tempered glass is installed.

    Apple Lightning connector is best I ever saw for phones. It's more expensive than others but no matter how do you turn he work. A lot of broken Samsung phones are because connector is pushed in wrong direction. Sometimes people are confused and think it's right side and push hard and than after several try recognize that push in wrong direction.

    And LCD screen need to have tempered glass. That cost 10$ and no worries.
    LCD surface forever could stay as new.

    I think you will be satisfied with iPhone SE. Many people still think that any iPhone App cost few dollars and that customers could use only what is inside phone.

    Don't believe in rumors, example I listen market and didn't installed Windows 10 on PC 6 months.
    When I installed finally I thought why I wait so long, except some minor flaws he work and look better.
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    Regarding 7:

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