questions regarding restoring old music library via time machine backup?

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    So as is the case with many, my iTunes library is now JACKED up from the update/icloud music library. Wrong artwork, some songs completely named something else, etc.

    Is the only solution a time machine backup since the underlying files in finder are also messed up? if so whats the best way to do this, delete the "music" folder in iTunes media and replace it with the one time machine backup using simple drag and drop?

    If so, my last back up was in march. Is there some easy way i can see the differences between the "music" folders?? as far as other artists/albums/songs i may have added since then?? It is far too large to compare side by side and check each artist/albums/songs one at a time.

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    If you have enough disk space, I would drag the current iTunes library into the Trash (but not empty the Trash). And then restore from backup. You can do this via the Finder or from the Time Machine interface.

    Open the 'iTunes' folder that is your current iTunes library in the Finder, hit cmd-F, and select from the drop down menu (which defaults to 'Kind'), 'Last modified date' and select 'After' the date of your backup. That should show all files in your iTunes library added or modified since your last backup. If you are unlucky, this might show many songs that existed in your library back in March what were modified by Apple Music. If that is the case try 'Created date' instead.

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