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    Jun 16, 2010
    Hi everyone,

    Let me begin by just introducing my current setup and use
    I run a diy win7 pc, (i7 + 8gb ram, SSD, 260GTX)
    I use the adobe suite and 3dsmax + Vray.

    I would love to be able to run 3dsmax + vray through paralells with minimal resource loss in comparison to running through bootcamp.
    Has anyone had this kind of setup before? Vray is licensed through a license server .exe, is there anyway to have this work within the osx environment through paralells/fusion?

    Another issue is, is there anyway to get a digital audio out from the imac?

    As i understand the imac has wireless N and also an ethernet jack. Can I use both at the same time? I would like to connect via ethernet to my renderfarm and get internet connection from my wireless

    I know some of these questions are rather specific, but any help you can offer is very much appreciated.


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    Parallels/Fusion is just Windows so that should work fine unless it was a hardware key other than USB (e.g. FireWire audio will not work in a VM).
    Under OS X or Boot Camp sure. The 3.5 mm jacks double as analog and digital/optical I/O. Not sure about how that is supported from within a VM, probably fine but I have no first hand experience.
    Sure. You can even add wired USB adapters and push them into the VM so the VM can have it's own separate wired connection.


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