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    1. Software Update - do u guys install "all" the updates to your air, even if it's not totally important. For ex: you dont use itunes,or you dont need the thunderbolt display update , or is it still necessary for system stability ? If it aint important, it would be nice so ican save some space.

    2.Fans- Lets say you played some games or watched some hd videos, fans start to kick in. I checked the fan speed at 6400 rpm, cpu temp is like 50-60, its kinda annoying hearing the fan, so when i close the game, the fan is still kicking out loud, i close the lid , wait a few seconds the open the lid again. Is this method ok? Or should i just wait for the fan to slow down?

    3.My air is connected to a mini display port > external monitor when im at home. I just take the mini display port plug off even when its still connected, or should i put it to sleep first?

    4. Are there any background apps, or services that you can disable ? For ex, in windows xp you can disable some processes, it frees up some system resources.
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