questions to anyone with 6 plus & ipad...


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Sep 15, 2014
was at the apple store today & a manager was helping me. i asked about if iphone 6 plus would be allowed to run ipad apps (example that they had in store was "notability"...there are some extra features on the ipad version that arent usable on the iphone 6 OR 6plus versions. i prefer "goodnotes", but notability was good enough to ask my question).

he went and talked to some other employee in the back that had the 6p & came back & told me that if the app is "universal", then the ipad version would be usable on the iphone 6p. he said that in the app store, if you rotate it to landscape mode, you will have the option to download the ipad version of the app instead or something like this...

can anyone confirm? the only way is to do it with an app that you KNOW has different features in the ipad version vs the iphone version (for goodnotes & notability, the "zoomed" versions are different between ipad & iphone).

is it true that you can actually use an ipad version of an app on the iphone 6p?



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Sep 30, 2012
The one surprise for me was that the 6plus can run the George Harrison Guitar Collection APP which is strictly for iPad download only.
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