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    I am looking to buy an iPhone on a family plan. There would be 3 lines, either one iPhone and 2 regular cell phones, or 2 iPhones and one regular cell phone.

    Question 1: If I were to go with the 2 iPhones option, since there is only one iPhone line included in the family plans could I give the other line to the regular phone and then pay 30 dollars a month for the second line? Or would I have to pay the 30 extra dollars a month to have the second line the iPhone and still have to pay 9.99 a month for the third line? Or would I end up having to pay 40 dollars a month (30 for the iPhone and 9.99 for the extra line) to have the second iPhone? Let me know if this doesn't make sense.

    Question 2: Since the plan only comes with 200 text messages and no mobile to mobile text messages, I will be buying the 10 dollars a month package that is 200 text messages and unlimited mobile to mobile. Would I then have 400 text messages a month or would AT&T say that I replaced the included package and only give me the 200 that's with the mobile to mobile plan?
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    You pay $10 for the 2nd reg phone. Another $10 for the 3rd phone. If you added another (2nd) iPhone it would be an additional $30. The base family plan includes the iPhone. Regrading the 2nd question, knowing ATT I would think you would lose your 200 and simply be getting the 200 plus unlimited M2M msgs. I could be wrong. Just call them.

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