Queue up songs, without stopping the song that's already playing

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by petelatham, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. petelatham macrumors newbie

    Dec 18, 2012
    Play it Next lets you queue up songs, without stopping the song that's already playing

    Play it Next is different to other queue players on the App Store because it's designed to work along side Apple's Music app. I really like the Music app and wouldn't want to replace it. That's why I believe using Play it Next is a great solution.

    There have been countless occasions when listening to a song has made me think “I really want to listen to insert awesome song next”. Back in the days of CDs, that meant a rummage through my CD rack while I was serenaded by the end of whatever had triggered my search.

    Being able to replicate this in the world of diskless music seems like an obvious must to me. The Sonos music system plays heavily on being able to listen to your music in a continuous queue, and implements this very well. However when it comes to my music on the move, Apple seems to have ignored this feature on the iPhone.

    I came up with Play it Next to fill the gap. For me the key requirement was to be able to queue something up once I had already started listening to a song in the Music app, as the “oh, that reminds me of another great song” moment inevitably comes then. Play it Next let’s you do that – if you launch it while you’re already playing a song it loads that song and continues playing it (almost) seamlessly. The only other thing I wanted to be able to do apart from that is add new songs. Which it does.

    I’ve added a couple of other basic player features – like skipping and removing tracks, but basically I want to keep Play it Next as a simple sidekick to the iPhone’s music app which serves me really well 90% of the time.

    While I’d love to sell 30 million copies of my app, I’d also love it if Apple added this feature to the iPhone’s built in music player – they’ll be able to integrate it more seamlessly than I can. Fingers crossed it’s coming soon – “Up Next” seems to have made it to desktop and Apple TV.
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    Feb 8, 2013
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    Queue Tracks

    Why cant Apple go ahead and implement this in their music player, its so annoying when I'm listening to a song and I want to queue up the next tracks, and I cant. The play it next app is good you still have to have it open. Sometimes its the simplest things... Apple come on update IOS to include this simple feature.

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