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    Aug 27, 2013
    1. My current (Early 2011) MBP has a 15.4-inch 1440 x 900 display. I'm looking at a 29 inch external monitor (Hazro HZ29WiA) with a 2560 x 1080 display. How will the display look on the new monitor? Will it look stretched?. I dont quite understand how it works.

    2. The monitor supports Displayport, Dual-link DVI and HDMI connectivity. Which of the 3 would you recommend connecting with and why?

    3. Depending on which of the 3, would you recommend say a Displayport to HDMI cable for example or a Displayport to HDMI adapter then an ordinary HDMI cable?

    I'm looking to buy the monitor today or tomorrow so feedback asap would be appreciated.

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    Jun 11, 2009

    I'm just saying this top of my head, this is a free forum its not the genius bar, it bugs me when i say something that might be wrong and people have to nitpick about technical details

    1 the mac book pro 2011 can go 2500 x 1600 max on its 2nd display.i don't think it will look stretched. we got a 2011 mac book pro here. and it looks like to me ever since mavericks came out, the mac can't drive two screens at different resolutions.. my brother doesn't have a lot of computer expieremce. i mean he has had that computer for 3 years almost. but it still bugs him when iPhoto complains about the resolution not being optical and he thinks his computer is broken. at least this is true for matching the display

    if he uses the target res of the 2nd display, the internal lcd is letterboxed to fit
    and visa versa

    I've never seen anything since mavericks that makes the screen look like its stretched to fit, it has black bars to fit

    the only way to stop the letter boxing is not mirror the displays and my brother wants mirroring on

    2. dvi and hdni , they are practically the same. dvi came out first. all hdmi is dvi with copy protection , ethernet and sound all in one cable

    display port can do 3,840x2,160-pixel resolution at 60fps

    dvi can only do 1,920x1,200

    dual link can do more

    if you want to read more go to

    3. when it comes to HDMI, the general opinion is the cheap cables and the premiere cables they sell at retail stores , have no difference. and retail stores rip you off, and there is no technical difference. yes. that is all true. but its not true of display port cables. we bought several cheap display port to hdmi cables and the display port connector was the weakest, and that connector broke apart.

    i don't know what is exactly better between a display port to hdmi adapter, or a display port to hdmi cable, i guess you could lose the adapter. but you don't want to go cheap on display port. the act of simply unplugging the display port and plugging back in will wear out the connector and it will break if you go the cheap route.

    id probably go to the apple store and get the real apple one
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    First mirroring two displays that aren't even close to the same size is brain damaged.

    It's not going to look good on one or the other, or both displays UNLESS they are the same size and same resolution.

    I had no problem using two displays and ended up using the better display and left the second one turned off on both a Mac Pro and an iMac (which I ignored the iMac screen, only using it for viewing long running tasks.

    Mavericks handles two screens better than Yosemite, so far IMO.

    On my Mac Pro, I have a largish Samsung, and an old Apple monitor. For some reason the Apple monitor is the 'First' monitor, and I always have to have it turned on so I can log in, and after the desktop pops up, it switches to the Samsung. Damned frustrating thing the first couple of times I restarted that system. Now I just automatically flip them both on. Annoying, but livable.
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    I'll have my MBP closed whilst using the external monitor with a bluetooth keyboard/mouse. It's not as if i'll be mirroring the displays and using both at the same time. As long as the display isn't stretched and out of focus on the external monitor that's fine.

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