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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by gusanitoverde, May 2, 2009.

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    Dear all,

    I am about to do a small project for a known company. I will be making a video of installation for their training videos. These videos will be going all over the place.

    I was planning to use Keynote and iMovie to make the video.

    Can I get in trouble for using Keynote effects or iMovie titles or transitions? Is this somewhat copyrighted by Apple in a way that you cannot make money out of it? or if the effects are recognized by the viewer, is that copyright infringement of any type that I could get this company in trouble?

    To my understanding, Keynote and iMovie are for creation of presentations and video and creating material for public exposure and financial gain is expected right?

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    Considering I just saw a Broadway show that utilized standard animations and backgrounds from Motion and Final Cut Pro...

    And the number of commercial DVDs I've seen that have used templates from DVD Studio Pro...

    I would think you're safe (my understanding is that the materials utilized in the various programs are considered license-free). My only concern in using them would be that people that know the programs WILL recognize them and it will come across as laziness/lack of creativity on your part if they could be tweaked and aren't - that's certainly how I viewed it in the instances I saw before.
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    Nope, everything in Apple's software is ROYALTY FREE.

    That is, things like transitions and effects in iMovie and Final Cut Studio in such.

    And that you can only use them in finished projects, you can' sell the ACTUAL effects and such as your own.
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    placeholder images

    Avoid to use standard placeholder images from the application.

    today there was an article in heise.de about this specific subject. In fact it was not an Apple product.

    Some pictures are licenced for the GUI but not for publications.

    In case the trouble would not come from apple but from the owner of the placeholder image. I'm not shure if it was Getty.

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