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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by inspirations365, Feb 21, 2011.

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    Hello All,

    I have two laptops: a Vaio & a MacBook Pro.
    I use the vaio as my main syncing unit for my iPhone, however both laptops are authorized for my Apple account.
    This morning, my motherboard went out on my Vaio, I'm probably just going to replace the whole machine, as I already (thankfully) have everything important backed up already....save for some iTunes purchases (2) I made after synching. Whatever, I just re-purchased them on my MBP.

    Question: If I sync my iPhone with my MacBook Pro, will it actually put all the stuff on the iPhone that isn't on the MBP onto it? As in...sync? Or will it ONLY put the stuff from the MBP onto the iPhone and kill everything already on the phone (ie Amazon mp3 store purchases)?

    Thanks in advance.
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    If your have content that have been paid for from the iTunes/App Store, then you just need to:

    1.Plug in your iPhone to you computer
    2.Open iTunes and go to File>Transfer Purchased Content.

    and this will transfer all of you Apps/Music/Movies/TV Shows that have been paid for, but are not on your Mac (it won't make duplicates)

    Now for the content that was not purchased from iTunes (Amazon or personal cds), you can use this Application called PodtoMac (http://www.macroplant.com/podtomac/) to retrieve your media out.

    As far as your contacts, calendar, notes, safari bookmarks etc..., when you sync your iPhone with your Mac for the first time, it will ask you if you want to "Replace" everything from your phone to match whats on your computer, or if you want to "Merge" the info together. I recommend you Merge the info together just to be sure you don't loose anything to important.

    FYI, for those movies that you just recently purchased but didn't sync, you can email iTunes Support (http://www.apple.com/support/itunes/) and ask them to allow you to re-download those movies again, just explain your situation in the email. They will tell you that as a 1 time exception they will go ahead an let you re-download them for free. In the last 6 years I have used this 1 time exception 4 times, and each time they told be that they will no longer honor this in the future, yet they always continue to.
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    Thanks a ton, that looks like what I'm looking for.

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