Quick (maybe dumb) question about 3.0 wifi

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by jreamsnyder, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. jreamsnyder macrumors member

    Aug 29, 2008
    One of the new features Apple is touting for 3.0 is the automatic Wifi login. Doesn't my ipod 1G already to that? For example, at my house, my friends apartment, all over my campus, I had to enter a specific username and pass to use the wifi networks. Everytime I go to said places, my ipod automatically connects? So whats the difference with the 3.0 update?

    Another quick question: I'm considering holding out on the update and waiting for the 3G touch to be released, whenever that is. I would like to assume that that will come with the 3.0 software standard, but are there any indications that Apple would charge the same $10 to upgrade the brand new device? If I remember correctly, buyers of the new 2G touch still had to pay $10 to upgrade their brand new device to 2.0. Seems like a sham to have to pay another $10 to upgrade a brand new device that someone just payed $250 +...
  2. 4DThinker macrumors 68020

    Mar 15, 2008
    It supposedly is for free hotspots that don't require a password. It'll just find the strongest one and start using it. You used to have to look for and pick one. I haven't tested it though.

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