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    Nov 30, 2004
    Well, two really...


    Anyone know if this monitor is any good? I'm going to buy the DP 1.8 PM and can't afford a nice flat-panel monitor, so I'm going with CRT

    The more important question is, do I need any adapters to plug this beast into the PM? I know there are DVI and ADC (?) ports on the PM, but I don't know what the monitor uses/is shipped with, and I'd hate to get everything together, only to find that I need some special adapter that would take a few days to get shipped...
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    Jan 14, 2003
    To answer your question

    Looks like a good buy. Being a 19" CRT display it most likely uses 15-pin VGA. The PowerMacs come with graphics cards that have Apple Display Connectors and Digital Visual Interface. DVI to VGA cables are also supplied so that is what you would use for connecting to this monitor.

    You should note that both the ADC and the DVI ports can be used at the same time to connect two displays to the one PowerMac.

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