Quick Question about MBP


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Apr 6, 2006
My Macbook Pro is amazing.

But uhm. I think it has a problem?

I'm begining to wonder if the CD drive in it is faulty.
When I insert a disc, it makes a horrible crunching sound, and it sounds like the mechinisms inside of it are all messed up.

Attached is a quick recording I hosted on putfile and made in quicktime. Sorry for not being able to hear it without cranking the volume, thats as loud as it would go with my internal mic.


Aside from the strange sounds i've had since day one, (it's almost a month old now.) I just recently started to burn DVD's of materials that I no longer need. However, while burning, this seems to happen randomly, but it will discontinue the burning session because of "being unable to read disc" error blah blah. At first I thought this was because of the heat, but this happend once after I just turned on my Macbook from a total shutdown, and started a burn session.

I wish I had taken a screenshot.

Will Apple fix my problem? If so, will it cost me anything?
And, will they have to reformat the drive, or touch anything else?
How long will it take?

I just switched over from a Windows based PC, so I have a lot of data on my laptop that would take forever to send back again. Not to mention, I would be totally mac-less for however long the repair takes.

I'm not regreting my purchase, I knew buying it that it was a Rev.A, just now that I found a problem. I would like it fixed, or at least some help.


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Jun 12, 2006
The sounds are pretty normal, my 12" PB makes a very similar noise. The unable to read disk is not normal. If it is only a month old, Apple will fix it (it is probaly just the drive)


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Oct 16, 2003
DVD burning can be a unreliable procedure. Some drives are pickier than others with regards to what media it will tolerate. Try another, preferrably higher quality, brand of DVD-Rs before you dismiss your drive as faulty.

Personally, I've found the DVD drive in my MBP to be very picky about what it will read, and I've seen others here have problems, too. I'm starting to suspect that the particularly slim drives needed for the MBP are more prone to reading and burning faults than some other drives, but of course, I have too little to base this on to say anything certain.


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Jan 19, 2002
If you check apple support page you will find there is a high incidence of faulty superdrives.
Today I took my 2 months old MBP to an apple store, checked it on the spot and they asked to leave it to have the super drive replaced and pick it up next monday (a week) as it will be a in-house repair, total cost being $0.00
The guy in the genius bar said the hard drive
won't be have to be erased
good luck