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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by cabbagepp, Jun 14, 2012.

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    Jun 14, 2012
    I have finally (through a lot of research!) that the retina based model is not for me as a networking student carrying a thunderbolt to ethernet adapter isnt going to cut it, plus I would need a mic + headset port for skype calls etc.

    My question is that now they removed the CD drive from the legacy MBP, is there still the possibility to install 2 storage drives in all? Im hinting for 1 SSD for the OS and commonly used files and one HDD for misc. files like music / photos and films.

    This is my first purchase from apple and want to make it last as long as possible as these things dont come cheap hehe.

    My situation is that Im a student, about to start a degree course in computer science and wish to buy a laptop to replace my current 1000H from ASUS running Linux. I would probably not game on it at all although I wouldnt mind being able to run a couple of source games such as CS:S, TF2, and L4D:2. Other than that Ill have music, an IDE open and a web browser. Is a retina game changing when reading code from the screen to reduce eye strain? I wont be doing any video or photo editting, this is whats keeping me from buying the retina version. Im saying this as im still unsure as to what I should buy to best suit my needs.

    On a site note:
    I was conducting some pen. testing on the same network that a friends mac was on and I kept seeing his email credentials in plain text being transfered over the network. He had one of the macbooks that got released before the unibody was created and wanted to know if this issue has been fixed as I am sure that other people would perform the same 'tests' *cough* on the school network.

    Sorry for the longish post, thanks for reading and for the input!

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    They didn't remove the optical drive from the legacy MBPs, and yes you can still put a second storage drive in there.

    I don't think the Retina Display would reduce eyestrain significantly compared to the normal display. I think it's more useful for multimedia professionals such as photographers, graphics artists and video editors than for programmers, although if you have a good enough vision you could possibly reduce the font size of your code to display more on screen since it would be easier to read.

    I can't answer your last question.

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