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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by MMcCraryNJ, Jan 23, 2015.

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    Hey all,

    So my nMP gets delivered today, and I already have a 1TB SSD module to swap in. I noticed that the Apple instructions differ from the iFixIt instructions:

    1. Apple's official instructions: Absolutely do NOT attempt to remove the SSD module at an angle. Doing so will cause damage. Lift the SSD straight out of the socket.

    2. iFixIt's instructions: Pull SSD slightly away from board (about half an inch away), then pull out of socket.

    For those that have done the swap, which should I follow? This is my first over $3K computer in the modern age and I really don't want to break anything. Thanks!
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    Thank you both, got the 1TB module in no problem
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    Is Apple selling replacement PCIe SSDs? If not, where are they available?
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    I personally bought mine from a vendor on Amazon. It's a genuine Apple/Samsung SSD, brand new and sealed in an ESD bag. I paid $650 tax-free for the 1TB module.

    Note that the vendor that currently has it for sale, "macparts_store", is unknown to me. I bought mine from vendor "Topprod". He puts two or three up on Amazon every couple of weeks, and they usually go in a day or two. Mine arrived perfect. It's the same exact SSD you'd get from Apple, heat sink included and everything. You can also find Apple SSDs on Ebay from different vendors, but the ones I found on there usually don't have the heat sink. Some members here say it matters not, but I feel good having the exact part Apple uses, installed in the way they intended.

    Also, the member above me posted a link to the third-party ones up for pre-order by OWC. I'd personally stay away from them. TRIM support in Yosemite requires a bunch of workarounds, plus it's only a 2-lane module, so speeds are a lot slower than Apple's part. Besides, it's A LOT more expensive than what I paid for it (OWC wants $899 for it...I paid $650 for the genuine Apple/Samsung part, which Apple themselves only charge $800 for...huge ripoff, IMO).
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    Or eBay, search for 'Apple Samsung 1 TB SSD'.

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