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Discussion in 'iMac' started by Steedie86, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. Steedie86 macrumors member


    Jun 9, 2013
    Hi all,

    I have a late 2012 27" iMac, and since owning it, I've been meaning to upgrade the RAM. For some reason I've managed to put it off until now.

    I have the standard 8GB (2x4GB) in there at the moment, and I want to upgrade to 16GB. Is it worth buying another 8GB(2x4GB) kit that I can get for £40, or is it better and more efficient to stick to two sticks and buy a 2x8GB kit? I'm never going to want to go beyond 16GB so using all 4 slots isn't an issue to me, and it's over half the price to get the second 8GB kit, but if there is a legit reason, be it performance or stability that means it's better to stick to two sticks, then I'll spend the extra

    Thanks guys!
  2. fa8362 macrumors 65816

    Jul 7, 2008
    If it were me, I'd buy 16 GB and have 24 GB total.
  3. Dwinguel macrumors member


    Feb 2, 2010
    Geneva, Switzerland
    I wouldn't worry about the performance here in both the scenarios you talked about. If you don't need more than 16GB of RAM right now, you might as well save money and get the 2x4GB option.

    If needed you can upgrade again in a few years and it will be quite cheap to do so. But as you say you might never upgrade over 16GB with this computer.

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