Quick Question..why is My imac G3 Graphite getting power but not turning on?

The Retro Mac nerd

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May 30, 2016
So I have this iMac G3 graphite that i got in the trash a while ago. The power indicator light flashes green for a second, but it gets no power to the screen. Please help, as i want to fix my imac.


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Jul 30, 2003
Def try replacing the battery,

but if the power LED comes on briefly, and no video appears, and the light simply shuts off after a second or two, then it's likely the PAV (Power/Analog/Video) board.

The last PAV board that I tried replacing (about 5 years ago, I think) a lot of the plastics just cracked to pieces - you have to do a fair amount of flexing of the various plastic bits, and age is not a friend of those 2nd-gen iMacs.
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