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May 27, 2006
Miami, FL
Pretty sure this is the right place, so...

Can we get a quick reply box. It'd be nice to not have to quote and leave the page in case you want to quote someone else. And if you want to quote somebody (the whole post), just hit quick reply, type your response, and then hit "quote message in reply" and post reply and boom.


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Jan 20, 2005
This has come up repeatedly, and the consensus is that it would lead to (even more) spamming. Make people think and have to more than one button before they reply.

With multi-quoting now, you've got lots of convenience already built-in! (Just don't abuse it as some people have in their excitement! :D )

Jaffa Cake

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Aug 1, 2004
The City of Culture, Englandshire
The suggestion of having a quick reply feature crops up every now and again – one of the main reasons we've not had one added is, I believe, because it's felt it would encourage more spam posts.

EDIT: WildCowboy was a little faster in replying than I was – if only I had a quick reply box, I might have got in before him... ;)


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Jun 25, 2002
I don't see the need for it. A bit of thoughtful preparation precludes any need mentioned and the spamming that would come would be immense. We already have people who can spam multiple threads per minute.
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