Quick Review: Faster, Quieter than my MBP

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Michael J, Aug 2, 2011.

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    I read many of the comments by other users here before purchasing my MacBook Air. I ended up getting the 13" i7, despite many complaints about heat and fan noise. Here are some early comments of my own:

    No Fans

    The machine is quiet and fast. During normal use, the fan does not run at all. At the moment, I have several apps open (Mail, Mozilla with 6 windows, Live Chat, Skype) and am also running an instance of Windows using Parallels.

    By comparison, the fans on my MacBook Pro often scream for no apparent reason (just running normal apps, nothing difficult like editing movies).

    Runs Cool

    No heat at all from everyday activity. I have yet to put it through its paces running Adobe LightRoom; will update on that later. I did get a nifty neoprene sleeve from Acme Made which feature sewn-in reinforcement guards on both sides.; thus you can use it as a stable lap protector should the MBA get hot. Very well designed.

    Faster then MBP

    Everything is fast and crisp. I'm sure that's because of the SSD. It's just wonderful. Certainly feels faster than my MBP.

    Windows Even Faster

    Interestingly, Windows boots up even faster. It takes about 3~4 seconds to boot from scratch, and I tend to keep it in Suspend state when I'm not using it, so the "resume" is about 2 seconds. Amazing.

    External Display Fine

    I had read some reviews that said the integrated graphics are not fast enough on an external display. I don't use games, but I do have my MBA attached to a Dell 24" screen with 1920x1200 resolution. All animations are perfectly smooth. I also run real-time stock charting software and the charts are perfectly smooth. Dragging windows around in XP is also smooth.

    Battery Life

    As advertised. This thing just runs and runs and runs. We'll see how quickly the battery degrades over time. But for now, I'm impressed.


    Yup. It's everything I expected and waited for. I am still waiting for Thunderbolt devices; will probably wait to see what Lacie comes up with before I decide between that and the Promise Pegasus. A TB-USB3 connector would be awesome.
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    Good to hear that you are satisfied with the product.

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