Quickbooks Pro or MYOB?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by tjwett, Jul 17, 2005.

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    For a few years now I have been using the bundled Quickbooks NUE that came with my Power Mac combined with a custom FileMaker Pro solution that I developed to run my one person (me) consulting business. The Quickbooks NUE takes care of most of my accounting needs and the FileMaker solution is used to manage other things I need like time tracking and specialized contact management.

    While this method works ok, I would really like to switch to a more centralized system so I have been considering either upgrading to Quickbooks Pro 2005 or going over to MYOB AccountEdge for the future. Quickbooks seems to treat its Windows users a little better seeing as their "Premier" lines of software are Windows-only. These products contain many features that I am looking for but are not available on the Mac side.

    MYOB appears to have all this and more and looks like a pretty Mac-friendly solution and company. I have heard that it is a little less intuitive than QB and migrating can be a bit awkward. Luckily my QB needs and usage is fairly basic, so I am not anticipating a problem. I've also heard of compatibility/export issues so I would be concerned with being able to output data that my accountant can easily use at tax time.

    The price for me to upgrade to QB Pro and to crossgrade to MYOB are the same, $199, so really my choice comes down to what suits my needs best. Flexible and decent time tracking is a huge must for me, as well as some robust and customizable contact management. Asset tracking, and the ability to build some kind of customized database of info would be awesome as well.

    I know I could go ahead and build myself a total FileMaker solution tailored specifically for me, but I really just don't have the time. And I would never get it finished as I would likely spend endless hours adding features and playing around. I'll save that for my clients who are actually paying me. So if any of you have any comments or experience or have recently made this decision I would love to hear what you have to say. Thanks! :)
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    Check out feedback on Versiontracker for both. It might come down to choosing the lesser evil.

    For our general accounting needs (small businees, 5 employees) we use MultiLedger by CheckMark. Very good for general accounting, but won't do the other things that you want. We had considered both QB and MYOB but were not comfortable with the negative feedback for either.

    Sorry for not a more appropriate answer - just my 2 cents.

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