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Aug 1, 2008
Odessa, FL
I have been a user of Quicken since Microsoft Money stopped being made. In my opinion Microsoft Money was vastly superior and was very disappointed when it was discontinued. So for the past 5 years or so I've been using Quicken and with each release Intuit never seems to fix bugs but they sure introduce new ones. I have tried the "alternative" ones (iBank, Moneydance) but they just pale in comparison.

So, I've been on Quicken 2012 for Windows and want to upgrade. I see that Intuit has a Mac version this year. It would be great to finally get my finances out of a Windows VM if possible. But from what I've seen on the existing threads is that, at least at first, Quicken 2015 for Mac isn't all that great. Perhaps they have fixed it up by now? Or initial experiences were the worst part? If not, I guess I would go with Quickent 2015 for Windows again.

Anyone advice here?



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Nov 4, 2014
Not sure about 2015, but I got suckered into Quicken Essentials about a year ago or so. Absolute rubbish. Never again will I give intuit money.


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Mar 9, 2012
Maple, Ontario, Canada
I'm also interested in hearing people's thoughts. I thought it was only $50, but price seems to have jumped up.

I'm in Canada and would love to hear from any fellow Canadian who may have purchased this software and their thoughts on it. Does the 'cloud' part (syncing) also work in Canada?
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