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    (new update: QuickPlan 1.1.1 is available at Appstore)
    Planning on iPad is sometimes a matter trouble the users, which is also a big challenge for application vendors to design planning application for iPad with good user experience and suitable functionalities. There are some (not much) planning applitions in Appstore, which give user the options from free to expensive, simple to full featured applications.

    Touch style operation is the revelotion to the design on touchable devices. Simply copying the functionalities of PC application without better usability design will benefit the users on reading and moving but, does not benefit more to keep high work effeciency and to utilize time well.

    QuickPlan helps users to achieve high planning efficiency on iPad using the advantage of touching, to get close or even higher maintenance speed on iPad compare on PC. By reducing the slow opertions of typing and switching between multiple level menus, Gestures are used to control task outline level, task time(begin time and end time been updated separately or together), task sequence, plan start time and etc. also gestures are used to help operations such as to focus/switch task, to center task in Gantt chart, to center current time in Gantt chart, to pan and zoom Gantt chart, and to easily call the funtions of task creation, updating and removing.

    Short video (less than 2 minutes) guides users on the well-designed operation style, to improve planning productivity with short efforts; Simplified UI will help users to focus on tasks with less confusing by referencing windows8 MetroUI.

    You can export plan data to image, Microsoft Project Plan(in xml format) and Microsoft Excel(in csv format) files for communication and furture work, and share the files through Email, store them to iTunes and directly store image to photo album.

    The new version is coming with more important new features and enhancements for better user experience - see the user guide video from Youtube at https://youtu.be/7S3x2iYhyKw , and download QuickPlan from Appstore at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/quickplan/id621375878?ls=1&mt=8

    Screenshots for your reference:
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    QuickPlan Development plan Proposal (exported by QuickPlan)


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