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    I tired it. After hearing other people recommending it to me. It just seems to be an app launcher. Can it do much more than that? I have really no idea on how to use this thing. I just type SAF and safari appears and i hit enter. That's about all I can do. Launch app quickly. But I can do it easier with the mouse...just go over to my dock or something.

    Can someone tell me what else can Quicksilver do?
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    If your hands are already on the keyboard, QS will be much faster.

    If you're not usually typing lots, then using the mouse might be faster for you. QS can do a lot more than that though: append text to text files, open URLs directly from the clipboard, create new e-mails with files pre-attached... lots.
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    I use it to move files.
    I setup triggers to add a rating to whatever song is playing (from any app).
    I setup triggers to sync my iPod.
    I use it to access my bookmarks (I use this a lot).
    On occasion I use it to add attachments and compose email.
    I use QS to open a selected file with an app that isn't the default.
    I use it to navigate play/pause set to a keystroke, and next song.
    I use it to simply open folders and documents.
    I run Applescripts, and automator workflows.
    Change the desktop pattern.
    Google Searches (mega time saver).
    Album info lookup.
    VersionTracker searches.

    Some of these reason might sound petty, but when you consider the saving of mouseclicks and a few seconds here and a few seconds there you really do streamline your control of the computer. I probably forgot some key things I use QS for but after using it for so long I forget where OS X ends and QS begins.
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    To learn how to use this, there are great videos on YouTube that teach you how to install everything and use it.
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    Woah. Ok I got how to move files. I'm in love with that but how the hell do I add a rating to my song or type in a google search?

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