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Sep 29, 2006
Sydney, Australia
Hey there Mac Gurus,
I have a Mac Book Pro running Catalina. I have Quicktime 10.5 installed.
I successfully recorded several videos using Quicktime Screen Recorder & the recording included the audio that came with the videos & NO additional background sound (eg noises in the room at the time, captured using the Mac microphone). The video's audio was captured EVEN when I turned the sound setting to ZERO & heard nothing coming from my Mac, in the real time playing of video that I was screen recording at that time.
PERFECT! exactly what I wanted, except now it has completely stopped working! and I didn't change a thing :(
In Quicktime, I was using 'System Audio Recorder Option' under the window: Option --> Microphone, in the Pop Up box after you select 'New Screen Recording'
I have tried restarting program, rebooting Mac & selecting another Microphone setting, then going BACK to 'System Audio Recorder' (NOTE: Option --> Microphone --> 'Built in Microphone' works, but the video's audio sound TERRIBLE this way & you can hear any noise in the room recorded as well - v. difficult with Kids about too!)
I have gone into System Preferences --> Sound..... no big surprises there. Only option I have for Sound - Input Tab is 'Internal Microphone' (Type: Built In) which is selected (Mute is NOT selected on OutPut Volume). Under Sound Output Tab there are 2 options; I have 'Internal Speakers (Type: Built In) selected, although there is another option for My Apple TV (Type: Airplay)
I have tried Googling, but can only find answers for OLD audio problems, using old Quicktime versions.
I even tried to find a site where I can re-download Quicktime 10.5 in case something just got bugged-out somehow, but can't even find anywhere to freshly download this version of Quicktime.

Here's a few photos that might make my explanation a bit clearer

Can anyone relate? or know what's going on?

Hopefully Yours,


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Sep 13, 2002
Bristol, UK
Quicktime does not capture computer audio. I think you may have just been lucky using the microphone. There are ways round this by installing utilities. I used to use Soundflower to do this, but it looks like development has been picked up by the original author.

This guide may help you.
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