Quicktime Codec help...Please


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Mar 2, 2005
hi, i was begining to think i had seen it all when it came to .avi's and codecs and thought i had it sorted, then i got this file thats obviously been done on a pc! the video is divx 5 so no bother there. the audio is 'msa'??? does anyone know what this is and where to get the codec from.
i thought it might be a dodgy wma thingy but that would mean i'm f**ked and so i dont want to believe that. any help would be really appreciated.

G4 Powerbook, OS x10.3.9 with Quicktime 7 Pro.

Cheers awfully.

(do you think i could extract the sound and convert it with easyWMA or something?)


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Mar 16, 2004
Andover, MA
I thought I heard of MSA file extensions for MIDI sequences - would an all-instrumental audio track make sense for the video in question? If so, perhaps it's a MIDI sequence.