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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Stevp1, Dec 14, 2004.

  1. Stevp1 macrumors regular

    Dec 8, 2003
    When I try to view any QT stream off the net at any size other than the smallest, I get the QT logo, but then Safari locks up, my PB jumps up to 100% CPU usage, and I get the beachball. I have to force quit Safari to get anywhere.

    Also, when I launch the quicktime app, it stops on "loading" for a long time, then gives me the "connect to the internet for the best quick time experience" screen. The app also is very slow going through the menus.

    I've re-installed 6.5.2, I've trashed the preferences files for both the app and the plugin, and repaired permissions but it's still happening. I don't see any reference to it in the log files.


    by the way, Safari accesses the Net just fine. This only started within the last week. It was after the most recent security update, but I don't think that had any QT components in it.

    I did have this posted on Apple's support forums, but it's been down for repair all day.

    Thanks gang.
  2. Stevp1 thread starter macrumors regular

    Dec 8, 2003
    I"m sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry. I don't wanna bump, but I'm at my wits end.

    Anybody got any ideas? :(
  3. WizardHunt macrumors 68000


    May 11, 2007
    Las Vegas, Nevada USA
    I am in the same boat. I have a retina iMac and quicktime works but when I go to use the controls to back up or move forward it locks up on me. Frustrating. I was going to go to library/preferences/com.apple.quicktimeplayer.plist but could not find it there to wipe out and reboot. So I am at a loss here just like you.

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