QuickTime Pro on Windows video editing. Borked.

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Xandros, Mar 22, 2012.

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    OK, so I'm fairly confident the Windows version of QuickTime is rather terrible. And I know this is technically the Mac apps forum, and I haven't attempted to do this same procedure on one of my Macs yet but it probably won't be the same result (can only hope so).

    This isn't a question on how to fix the issue either, I'm just a bit perplexed as to how shoddy QT on Windows actually is and it makes me wonder if upgrading it to Pro was even worth the expense. Please do feel free to tell me the Mac version wouldn't behave the same way...

    Basically, I've got a handbrake encoded video here, I was going to cut a tiny, seven second long snippet out of it and save that snipped elsewhere. So I used the selection sliders to select said snippet. However QT being QT, the sliders jerk forward and backward too many frames so I couldn't position them in the right places. Although I'm sure holding Shift and using the arrow keys used to move the highlighted slider one frame at a time, for some reason it doesn't work with this video. Or any video I've tried it on lately come to think of it.

    So what I did was make a slightly larger selection of the snippet, copy it, then open a new player and paste it into that. QuickTime immediately crashes. How did I get around this? I found that if I instead copy the selection, then rather than open a new player, I simply use COntrol+A to select the whole video, delete it, then paste. I get the same effect, without QT crashing.

    OK, so I use the sliders again, and now I can move the sliders more accurate to a frame by frame basis I trim it again to the actual snippet I want to use. I use 'Save as', choose 'Self contained' and give it a new name and there. Done... Then QuickTime crashes again. However it has still created the video file despite crashing.

    When I open this new video file and play it, it works perfectly. In QuickTime. It plays for seven seconds; there is seven seconds of video and seven seconds of sound, and it's in sync.

    When I play it in WMP however, there are in fact 12 seconds of video and seven seconds of sound. Meaning it's completely out of sync and also has five seconds of no sound, only video at the end of the file.

    QuickTime for Windows, you sir, are borked. /rant
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    Try converting to a video format that does not use key frames before you edit. Something like DC or AIC.

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