Quicktime X play AVCHD better than FCP X?!

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by gnomeisland, Oct 2, 2013.

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    Ok, I have some footage shot at 60p AVCHD 2.0 from a Sony camera. I DO NOT WANT TO TRANSCODE THE FOOTAGE if I can help it. The footage plays fine in Quicktime X but stutters in FCP X. I'm running a 2009 MP 4X2.66ghz GTX570 with 24GB of RAM.

    I downloaded iStat and FCP X seems able to use a lot less of the CPU and almost none of the GPU to play back the footage (~22% CPU & ~2-3% GPU) whereas Quicktime X uses much more of the GPU (~10-15%) and plays back the footage super smooth. Why is FCP X not optimized?! Is there a way to fix this? For what I'm doing it just seems like a waste of time and space to transcode this media since clearly I have the computing power to handle it.

    Despite initial trepidation I've become a FCPX convert but this is very frustrating.
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    Quick time is doing an easier job. It only has to play the video from front to back. FCP has to be able to start on any frame, even if a keyframe was just missed.

    That is that thing that makes editing compressed video hard -- the screen shows not just information from the current frame but from a previous frame as well and these are lost when ever you make a cut. I think FCP's player is more complex to handle this.

    The good thing about FCP is that it does the transcoding in the background as you edit with the original files and then switches to using the ProRes files after they are created. You can delete them later
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    QuickTime Player--both QuickTime Pro or Quicktime X--is primarily a player with simple editing functions. FCP X is an editor with preview function. Each application does the job that it was designed to do. There is nothing to fix.
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    I can say the same thing about the R3D 4K files Im working with in FCPX as oppose to REDCINEX Pro.
    Seriously transcode that god awful codec for the love of.... ;)

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