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Discussion in 'iPod' started by jonat8, Jul 4, 2005.

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    I downloaded a few MP3 files from GarageBand.com. Every time I went to download a track, the QT plugin kicked in and did it's progressive download of the track. Once it had done I went Save as Source (I have QT Pro) and saved it as a .mp3 file.

    When I import the file into iTunes, if I do Get Info on the file, it shows up as a "QuickTime movie file" rather than a regular "MPEG Audio File", and I can't see track properties like sample rate, bitrate and so on. It plays OK though, but I would rather it be set as an MEPG audio file.

    Is there any way of doing this? The file extensions in Finder are definately .mp3 but they have the QT MP3 icon rather than the iTunes MP3 icon and open by default in QuickTime.

    On another note, is there any way of stopping that QuickTime plugin from handling MP3 files, I would much rather that the download manager handled the file instead.

    tia :)
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    Just option-click on the link to download it. That will download the source file.

    You can also use a different browser like Camino, that brings up a dialog that asks you if you like to open or download the link.

    Just check Garageband.com, but they use a flashplayer so the option-click doesn't work for that site. sorry.

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