Quo vadis, Apple?

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by temen, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. temen macrumors member

    Apr 15, 2011
    2-3 years ago I was amazed by apple. By macbook. OSX. Iphone and iOS.

    Last year I discover more and more annoying things.
    - Like when new osx brings synchronization of messages and phone calls to osx - yey, such a convenient for me feature. Untill it still rights on macbook 15 seconds after I answered call. Not once, not twice - I'm so used to it, when phone calls I'm coordinating movements to answer it and asap go to macbook to click "accept" just so it would shut up and I stop hearing "maybe I'll call later? I think you have another call".
    - Like when upgrade messes up with homebrew. okay, okay, it's not supported, I know
    - when upgrade messed up my vpn connection and I spent hours to fix it. Because all traffic went over vpn, no matter if I selected checkbox for that or now. Because my script ip-up was deleted. Because when I restored script it was just ignored. When I wrote wrapper for pppd (to include ip-up script or other options) it was security breach, binary was not safe or checksum did not match with some sandbox issue. whatever. 8 hours after update I was able to get back to work.

    Before first iphone (for me: iphone4) I had htc hero. And was furious with some small annoying glitches. iphone4 was a revolution! Everything is so smooth, so smart. Even multitasking - group of some application could finish processes in background, other not. No more bazillion of "free your ram, speed up" android applications!
    I'm finishing talking (over car bt set) and music does not play again.
    I had some small glitch with answering call while listening music on headphones.
    Till this day & continues: When I got/made call since last time I went to call history, and I open call history, see Someone1 on first position, try to click and JUST RIGHT before my finger touches the screen.. position gets moved to second, new position at 1st place appears. Laggy refresh, no idea why.

    I know these are dumb problems (with ios! osx feels more serious to me), but for that price? I could have similar problems on android or linux for half the price. well - half the price with cellphones, with notebooks maybe 3/4 or 4/5 of the price. still.

    Cherry on top - with new macbook retina year ago I purchased apple care.
    Every (^%$#@$@) time I call them I basically hear I should reinstall.
    My system hangs up? Their advice is to stop using all the application and start from using only 1. On second day 2 applications, third day 3 applications.. Sure, I'll stop working and just test osx for next week, why not.
    My external drive gives alerts about non safe umount while waking up (with drive still attached)? Maybe I could buy other drive. Or reinstall system. Here after I screamed at guy he get back to me with some more information that MyPassport series has this issue and there's some workaround/fix..
    Other woman told me that since I have installed Parallels and it installs some services they are not responsible and can't check pretty much anything. Unless I install fresh osx with no 3rd party software - yeah, sure, I'm sure everyone is buying macbook pro just to use it for web browsing and text editing with apple original software.

    Uh, sorry I'm bitter, but I just feel like with each month/few months things are getting worse.
    Am I alone?
  2. temen thread starter macrumors member

    Apr 15, 2011
    It seems I'm alone with my feelings.. oh well.

    After restoring whole system from timemachine apache doesn't work anymore. Throws "illegal instruction: 4" + crashreport.
    I contacted apple phone support and after only 20 minutes they told me, there's no problem!
    Yosemite dropped support for web sharing, so it doesn't have to work.

    Oh, good to hear, I'll tell my employer that and everything will be just fine. :D

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