R.I.P. Lou Blair


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Aug 3, 2004
Jacksonville, FL
I'd like everyone to read this, and take a moment to say a word for my good friend Lou.... :(

At approximately 11:40 this evening Lou Blair was found deceased in his turtle tank home. It seems to be that Lou had been out for a night on the town and was surrounded by a group of no-good mobster punks, beaten into submission for the location of his Mafia Head Quarters, and ultimately murdered in cold blood. Lou had the deepest respect for the Fam. He always supported them through the highs and the lows and lived by the motto tattooed on his right front flipper, "Death Before Dishonor".

Lou is one of a group of four beloved turtles brought home with my girlfriend and I roughly one week ago, and he will be missed ever-so-much. He was a real family man, and loved to cruise around his tank and catch some rays on his rock. He lived for his family, and died for his family.

Lou was a staunch Buffalo Sabres fan, and it is believed that he might have gone out for a night at the bars after viewing the Stanley Cup victory of the Carolina Hurricanes :mad:. Lou has been brought to rest in a place where he can view his family play his favorite sport, hockey.

Lou, we love you and we miss you dearly. Thank you for the wonderful time we got to spend with you on this earth, and I hope you are having an awesome time in turtle heaven.

And thank you ahead of time for all of your support through this difficult time in our lives.


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Mar 16, 2004
Andover, MA
You have my deepest sympathy. I regret that I cannot find a poem which adequately describes the grief a man can feel when a turtle he's known for a week expires.