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  1. ataloss macrumors newbie

    Jul 24, 2008
    I recently bought a R4 DS. It came with a very small disc containing software which needs to be loaded onto a mini SD card. The disc, however, is too small to fit into my iMac's disc slot. Does anyone know how I can load the necessary software onto the mini SD card.

    The reason I belive that I need to do this is because on Youtube there is a short video tutorial showing how it should be done. The guy in the video was using a notebook with a drive that accepted the smaller disc.
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    Jan 19, 2003
    London, England
    Whilst the 4rDS system is not illegal and discussion of it's properties is allowed, the information regarding downloading of RAR files and their installation is not permitted.

    MacRumors does not condone piracy of any kind, including that which actually involves parrots, peg-legs and large wooden sailing ships...
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    Mar 6, 2006
    You can download the same software that's on the cd from their website.

    Note: This is not piracy it's just installing the operating system files that were included with what he purchased.

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