R9 M295X vs GTX780M

Discussion in 'iMac' started by jji7skyline, Oct 21, 2014.

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    As you probably know, the non-retina 27" iMac can be specced up to a GTX780M. How much faster is the new R9 M295X compared to the NVIDIA chip?
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    I'll let you know monday if someone doesn't before. Moving from a 2013 full specced unit to a 2014 full specced retina.
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    I'd really wait for drivers and benchmarks to be updated before making any conclusions.
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    That'd be awesome thanks! Seems like some other benchmarks place the 780M between the M290X and M295X. I'd like to see what you find though.
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    These benchmarks should also include overclocking, which is a huge factor for the 680MX performance. Ie. what is the highest practical overclock that is 100% stable, and that doesn't increase the temperature any significant amount? Again, the 680MX still compares favourably to later mobile GPUs, because of its large overclocking headroom (+250/+350 being 100% stable with CPU turbo boost off, and using a higher static fan speed to avoid high temperature spikes).
    Also, does the image become blurry at regular 1440p resolution? Playing modern, demanding games in resolutions higher than 1440p is not a real option.
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    Covered here:-

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